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How do you achieve professional success?

You might be the most skilled and talented person in your department …

… but that doesn’t mean you’ll get the cool project, the promotion, or the raise.

You might have the most amazing people working on your project …

… but a group of people on a project isn’t necessarily a collaborative team.

You might be the best strategic thinker on the planet …

… but if you can’t inspire your employees, your strategy will never be implemented.

And you might be all of these things and more …

… but if you struggle with negotiation, conflict, and debate, you’ll also struggle to succeed.

So, how do you

  • Ask for what you want in ways that inspire others to say Yes?
  • Overcome confusion, mistrust, disagreement, misunderstanding, rivalry, and conflict?
  • Encourage employees to implement meaningful – and sometimes scary – change?
  • Bring independent, creative people together into high-performing teams?
  • Open minds and hearts and build collaborative relationships?

Empathetic communication

Empathy is the single most important skill you can have as a leader, a business owner, a team member – a human being.

Empathy is the key to successful collaboration, negotiation, and conflict management.

Empathy allows you to enter into challenging situations – disagreement, conflict, tough negotiations, struggles to communicate – without going on the defensive or feeling anxious. Instead, you listen, hear, understand, and feel what’s going on … and then respond from a place of calm compassion.

The empathetic leader creates a workplace where employees are happier and more productive, and your customers and clients are more engaged, loyal, and committed.

And that means your bottom line is happier as well!

Empathetic communication is transformative

I help business owners, leaders, teams, and individuals with the challenges of communication in the workplace.

They learn to solve tough interpersonal problems, resolve conflict, present and negotiate for their ideas, create meaningful, collaborative relationships, build high-performing teams, develop and sustain a strong company culture, and grow their businesses and careers.

I’ve studied communication since I was in college, business since my first corporate job, and conflict resolution since 2013. I’ve studied human behavior all my life.

I’ve been a corporate officer, executive, and member of senior leadership teams for over 16 years, an independent consultant since 2005, and I’ve volunteered for and served on the Boards of several non-profits.

And I know that real communication – clean, clear, honest, empathetic conversations about real issues – creates miracles.

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