Words matter

Recently, a friend mentioned that her partner had written her a note before heading off on a business trip. “Please remember to water the baby peas.” My friend told me she’d have no problem remembering – and, more importantly, doing – this. If the note had read, “Please remember to water the garden,” it might not have ended well for the seedlings. The words …

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How NOT to pick a mediator

You’ve faced an unhappy fact: your team needs help. The conflict you face isn’t resolving itself, and each attempt at discussion just escalates the issue. The situation is getting increasingly tense, with finger-pointing accusations and name-calling becoming more and more frequent. The only thing you seem to agree on is that something  needs to be done. Perhaps it’s time to hire a mediator. But how …

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The real reason why organizations (and people) fail to succeed

Organizations fail to succeed because they haven’t defined success. I don’t mean they’ve failed to set goals or have no vision of what they want to accomplish. I mean they haven’t defined success as a concept in and of itself. And it’s a tremendously loaded concept. The problem with the concept of success We all have psychological and emotional baggage around …

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Five steps to cure writer’s block

Staring at a blank page. Knowing your readers expect a blog post … your client expects an email (yes, you can get writer’s block over an email) … your followers expect a Tweet (yes, you can get writer’s block over a Twitter post) … knowing that people are waiting for what you can’t seem to write … The pressure increases, …

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The art of asking good questions

It’s one thing to have the courage to ask for help, as I mentioned in my last post about Amanda Palmer’s book The Art of Asking. It’s something else again to be able to form a question that actually elicits helpful answers. We’ve been discussing this in my Facebook group, the Clarity Kitchen, and there have been some interesting and insightful comments. …

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The one trick for goals that work

How do you feel about goals? Even if you don’t make resolutions for the New Year, you’ve probably been considering what goals you want to achieve over the next twelve months. There are all sorts of approaches to goal-setting. Stretch goals, SMART goals, SMARTER goals (no, really, I’ve seen articles on this), and what my colleague and friend Sherry Essig calls HEART …

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Five questions to create clarity

A brief (just under four minutes) description of a very useful, powerful tool that I use all the time for everything and anything: an important Tweet, an article, a client project, a sales page, and even to help develop a class or service offering. Share Share Tweet Buffer

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Working hard, or hardly working?

Way back in the first year or so of my self-employment, I told the business coach with whom I was working that my one-year goal was to match my six-figure corporate income while working four days a week. I wish my coach had had the integrity and courage to help me realize that this was a tad unrealistic. (Ahem.) Self-employment has …

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(Mis)Interpreting your numbers

In my last post, I wrote about the 6-figure launch fallacy, describing all the reasons why those hyped-up “I made six figures from my latest launch!” messages are unreal, and therefore nothing to get frustrated or discouraged about. (Or waste time paying attention to!) Clearly a topic that needed to be explored, the post inspired lively discussion on Facebook as well as some private back-channel conversation. …

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The 6-figure launch fallacy

Numbers are useful. They give us a fact-based, quantified way to evaluate the success of our business endeavors. But numbers can also get us into trouble. Because we tend to view numbers as cold, hard facts, we often neglect to look at the context in which they’re being presented. And context can twist them to mean different things. For instance, we’ve all seen headlines about Amazing …

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