Communication & Negotiation Coaching

  • You can be a successful negotiator and a nice person with great relationships.
  • You can manage conflict before it escalates into dispute.
  • You can navigate office politics without feeling icky.
  • You can ask for (and get) what you want without appearing demanding.

In short, you can enjoy better relationships, greater professional success, and more happiness.

I offer real-world tools, practical experience, and a non-traditional approach to communication, negotiation, and conflict transformation.

My work incorporates everything from the felt experience of empathy and heart-to-heart connection to the science behind why we do what we do. This work spans the trajectory from mind to heart, and science to spirit.

Angel Sullivan - photo
Grace is truly gifted in being able to see and point out the things that may be a bit more challenging for someone in their own ‘stuff’, but not only that – she’s able to then articulate what she can see in a way that is easy to take in and understand. Our work together has been a real blessing in my own life (personal and professional).

~ Angel Sullivan, Dunedin, Florida

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