When you have better conversations, you get better results. It’s that simple.

Are you…

  • serious about learning to negotiate and manage conflict?
  • seeking to develop relationships, navigate office politics, and grow your career?
  • determined to be a true leader?
  • building a high-performing team?
  • striving to build and sustain a thriving culture within your organization or team?

I offer real-world tools, practical experience, and a holistic framework for change. My work incorporates everything from the neuroscience behind why we do what we do, to the felt experience of empathy and heart-to-heart connection; from the concrete practicalities of learning and communication styles to shades-of-gray questions of individual thought processes.

In short, my work spans the trajectory from mind to heart, and science to spirit.

  • Communication coachingCommunication coaching for leadership

    • Build satisfying, mutually-beneficial professional relationships
    • Navigate company culture, office politics, and conflict with ease and integrity
    • Negotiate for what you want and need to achieve meaningful goals
    • Become the leader you want to be
  • Team developmentTeam development

    • Build strategic consensus and alignment within leadership teams
    • Resolve conflict
    • Cultivate, restore, and nurture trust
    • Integrate new employees into high-performing teams
    • Develop true connection and collaboration


  • Culture development & supportMapping strategic change

    • Create and sustain a meaningful, productive company culture
    • Engage everyone in living  your company’s values, vision, and mission
    • Build a framework for quality decision-making
    • Accelerate sustainable organizational growth
    • Discover the operational power of a vital company culture

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