Eric Klein - photoYou created an environment for us to think together and recognize what we want.

You listened carefully to our different perspectives, some overlapping, some complimentary, some differentiated. You were able to receive whatever deeper expressions needed to be there without getting lost in philosophy. And you were able to feed it all back, to reflect, integrate, and clarify, synthesize and remove emotionality, and show us how things I might have thought were in conflict were actually complementary.

It was like you had a mandala in your head. It wasn’t a pre-ordained template, but instead you were responding to what we were bringing up. So you filled it in according to what we had to say, and then you could point out what was missing and ask what’s the next step.

There was humor, a sense of lightness, a lot of practicality. There was ease. You didn’t ease off, you leaned in, but there was an ease and a consistency.

Devi and I are very comfortable as facilitators, but leadership is different. Leadership is owning and embodying the call, disturbing the dream, disturbing the space, being more provocative by declaring things. You helped me become more comfortable and more clear about my leadership role.

~ Eric Klein, executive coach, author, and meditation instructor, Wisdom Heart, Encinitas, California

Angel Sullivan - photoI wasn’t sure that I was going to get what I was after from this offer. I had no question about working with Grace, as I felt entirely comfortable there. I just wasn’t sure that this was the right offer for what I was after.

Not only was there no cause for concern, I sincerely feel that I got back so many times the amount I paid for this work in terms of value received. The work that Grace and I did has really (finally, after all the various things I’ve done over the years!) helped me get clarity and hone in on the bits that had been fuzzy for me for so long. In fact, before we ever even got to the call itself, I felt like I’d already gotten incredible value.

Grace is truly gifted in being able to see and point out the things that may be a bit more challenging for someone in their own ‘stuff’, but not only that – she’s able to then articulate what she can see in a way that is easy to take in and understand. Our work together has been a real blessing in my own life (personal and professional).

~ Angel Sullivan, angelsullivan.com, Dunedin, Florida

Jenn Givler - photoI love the way you take the energetic and esoteric aspects of business birthing and tell us how we are going to bring them into the physical. People like us, we see the vision, and we know that’s our subconscious telling us where we need to go. But it’s not always easy to get from the esoteric to the physical. You are BRILLIANT at that. This work is amazing, and I’m so glad we’re working together!

~ Jenn Givler, owner, Blended Yoga, Cain Township, Pennsylvania

Jon Hansen - photoI had been working with coaches, with teachers, and in marketing groups, and I was always at a place of frustration because I couldn’t access what it was I truly offer, and how to present that to other people.

You have given words to a process that defies words. And you’re constantly in a position to help me hone that, deeper and deeper and more and more resonantly, who I am and what I offer.

I acknowledge you for your dedication to the task of helping someone come to a deeper sense of their self-understanding and how that can be expressed. You have a relentless spirit in not shirking the obligation you make to someone – to honor it in the deepest way that I’ve ever seen. And you have the skill and capacity to understand what it is that someone has to offer, and the skill and ability to find the precise words.

~ Jon Hansen, life coach and spiritual mentor, The Remembering Room, Richmond, Illinois


Bev Dwane - photoI knew the look and feel of my new website wouldn’t be a problem. The huge struggle for me was content – how was I ever going to get it written?  And the great thing for me was being able to talk it through with you – that was fabulous.  You knew how to bring it out and talk to me about it, which gave me the confidence to talk to you about it more. And you pushed and prodded when it was appropriate, and you let me feel comfortable about being disjointed. I could speak the chaos of my thoughts, and it was okay for them to be chaotic. You brought them into order – you make order out of chaos.

The written word is so powerful. To me, the written word is validation. If something can be put into writing, in a good and powerful way, there’s an intrinsic value to it. So for me to see what’s been roaming around up in my head, to see it gain clarity and presence in the written word, it was like, oh my gosh, I did think that, I did know that, that is what I’m about.

I have a website I’m proud of, but for me, the hugest benefit has been increased self-confidence. Because of the process we went through, and the validity that came with the process, I trust what I think and I trust myself to speak about it. I have greater confidence and clarity in my message about who I am and what I do.

~ Bev Dwane, AICI CIP, image consultant and personal stylist, Durham, North Carolina