Down with Mandatory Fun!

What in the world will we do about the holiday party?! Let’s just start right here: no Zoom parties, please. Everyone is Zoomed out with meetings. And getting together on Zoom to raise a glass and pretend we’re all together is not going to cut it.  In fact, Mandatory Fun has never been actual fun for everyone. Undoubtedly some people enjoy the …

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Who needs help?

Someone on your team needs help. Maybe it’s one of your colleagues. Or someone on your leadership team. Or one of your first-line or middle managers. Maybe you’re the one who needs help. People in your organization need help. They’re overwhelmed with a project deadline. They’re trying to figure out how to manage from home. They’ve offered to help someone else, …

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What IS leadership, anyway?

Leadership is not a title. It’s not limited to a specific role or job or work to be done. Leadership is a way of being. It’s how you are in the world, what you say and what you do, and whether those words and actions are aligned and congruent – and even if they’re not. You may be thinking you’re not …

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Do your first-line managers know?

Your first-line managers are your first line of defense against misinformation and rumor. They’re the ones to whom employees look for critical information. How are you managing employee safety? What are the new processes for performance evaluation? Can employees be reimbursed for home-office expenses? Are there flextime options for parents whose kids are learning at home, instead of in school? …

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Why leadership development programs fail

Leadership training programs don’t always have the best reputation for success. Perhaps you’ve experienced this: your company allocated budget for a program, spent time, effort, and money conducting the training, had high hopes for a great outcome, and … ended up disappointed. Sadly, it’s not all that unusual – AND it’s completely avoidable. Let’s look at some of the reasons …

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Leadership development during the pandemic

I’m hearing from many people right now that they have no budget for leadership development. Or that they’re trying to figure out how to do leadership development when everyone’s working from home, and certainly not gathering in a central community learning space.  Or – both.  It’s frustrating, because they also know that leadership development is important. You know that. In …

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How can you motivate your team?

Okay, that was a trick question, because if you read my last post, you know I’m not a fan of motivation as a way to keep people on track and moving forward. So what can you do? Don’t worry. I’m not suggesting you have to leave it up to chance and whim. In fact, as the leader of your team or department, …

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How to keep remote employees engaged

A lot of people are asking variations on this question. How to keep remote teams engaged. How to keep remote employees engaged with the company culture. How to make sure remote employees feel part of the team / part of the company. How to onboard remote employees. And so on. And on. And on. Apparently it’s a deep and burning issue. …

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Interview: preparing front-line leaders

Delighted to dig into the questions of front-line leaders, how they often don’t get the support they need, and why that matters, with Jonathan Westover on the podcast Human Capital Innovations. The podcast comes in two versions – video on YouTube or audio-only on Enjoy! ShareShareTweet

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Proposing routine maintenance for … employees?

Your company takes care of the things it owns. The office HVAC system gets regular inspections. Computer hardware and software are upgraded and scanned for problems. Potholes in the parking lot are patched and resurfaced. Manufacturing equipment is routinely overhauled and serviced. Security systems are maintained. And so on. We wouldn’t dream of ignoring holes in the roof or keeping …

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