Wrapping it up

Congratulations. You finished the challenge!Icon of three fish, two in a fishbowl, one leaping out

But … you’re not done.

Have the courage to go first: be a trailblazer for spreading the cultural qualities you’ve identified. Don’t give up. Take ownership. Take responsibility. Tell everyone. Get them to join you on the quest.

In today’s weird, ever-more-surreal world, we need supportive company cultures more than ever before. People are feeling isolated, lonely, disconnected, overwhelmed, and flat-out fearful.

If your company promotes a culture that helps them feel a little more connected, a little less alone, a little more spacious, a little more supported, a little more confident … then you’ve done a lot to move our world into a brighter future.

Go do it.

After you watch this final video and leave your comment, that is!

Want to download the audio? click here.

Wrapping up …

So, tell me: what was this Challenge like? Did it help? Was it productive? Were there surprises? Have you started your communication effort, and if so, what responses have you gotten so far?

I want to know – even if it wasn’t what you’d hoped for or expected.

Feel free to leave a comment, but be aware that ALL comments are moderated due to spam.

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