Silhouettes of business leaders standing on colorful puzzle piecesCorporate Leadership Services

Are your first-line managers and supervisors struggling to transition from individual contribution into leadership?

Have you promoted from within – only to watch your newly-minted leaders fumble with their new responsibilities?

Is your leadership bench strength less than you’d like?

Are your teams struggling to align, communicate effectively, and perform at the level you need?

These are the problems my corporate clients say keep them up at night

As my home page headline states, 60% of new leaders fail in their first year. Any of us who have been through that transition from being a member of a team to being the leader of a team understand the struggle. Whenever I mention this process to experienced leaders, they all – all! – roll their eyes and shudder in queasy recognition.

Your first-line supervisors and managers have a tremendous impact on your organization’s success – and that’s no exaggeration. They’re the ones who directly interact with the majority of your employee population. They’re the ones who make or break the employee experience. And as my home page also mentions, Gallup polls show, over and over again, that people leave managers, not jobs.

There’s a tremendous financial and personal cost to this. Failing – or even just struggling – managers leave behind a trail of delayed or failed projects, broken time-lines, disengaged teams, and damaged careers.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Investing in your first-line managers and supervisors is easy. Developing your leadership teams isn’t as hard as you might think (and it definitely isn’t about trust falls, bowling nights, paintball, or other cheesy teambuilding activities).

It’s a low-risk, reasonably-priced insurance policy against the very clear risks and high costs of failed leadership.

And it’s more than that: it’s also a simple, cost-effective way to increase productivity, improve employee engagement, create high-performing teams, and boost your leadership bench strength.

The Leadership Gap Analysis

If you’re interested in learning more, the next step is to schedule a free Leadership Gap Analysis session. In this evaluation, we’ll:

  • Identify the reasons why your managers are struggling to meet deadlines or deliver quality results
  • Find the key that helps your managers become efficient and effective, unlocking time in their day and enabling them to become “super-managers”
  • Learn why your managers may be losing employees to dis-engagement and turnover
  • Understand the struggles your first-line leadership teams may be facing – and what to do about it
  • Determine the most impactful next step you can take to help your managers become strong, confident leaders.

Schedule a Leadership Gap Analysis