The Leadership Launch Pad:
making the leap from
team member to team leader

Mark your calendar: Wednesday March 20th, at 1:00 pm Central

The online, interactive, live workshop starts in:

Yes! I want to attend this free workshop!

Congratulations. You made it.

You got the promotion you’ve been waiting for: you’re a manager and a leader.

(Or you’re about to get it, hoping to get it, waiting (im)patiently to get it)

And you want to be prepared for SUCCESS.

But you’re finding out (or suspecting) that this juuuust might be a bigger leap than you anticipated.

It’s true: what got you here won’t get you there.

The skills you learned and honed over the years as an individual contributor …

… are not the skills that will make you successful now you’re a leader.

Let’s talk about what WILL.

Let’s talk about the fundamental and essential workplace skills you need to learn and develop now that you’re a leader (or will soon be a leader – and yay you for wanting to prepare).

Because I don’t want you to be one of the 60 percent of new leaders who fail in their first year.

Yes! I want to attend this free workshop!

In one hour you’ll learn …

what your boss and senior leaders most want you to know  – but you’re almost certainly unaware of
why it’s so hard to feel at ease communicating with your team – and what to do about it
and why it’s easier to learn great leadership skills than you might think
and you’ll leave with clear next steps for your successful leadership journey

Hi. I’m Grace Judson, and I’m a leadership geek…

… and after 25-plus years in the corporate world, starting as a lowly junior programmer and rising to spend 16 years in executive leadership, I decided it was time – time to do something about the sad lack of support for newly-promoted managers and emerging leaders.

I’m on a mission to make corporate life more fun. Not just livable; not just bearable: fun. Work shouldn’t suck. The corporate life shouldn’t be a rat race.

And sixty percent of new leaders shouldn’t fail in their first year.

Join me – and let’s start a movement!

Yes! I want to attend!