Black-on-white profile of a woman's headBlack-on-white profile of a man's headYour Personal Leadership Profile:
helping you make the leap from
team member to team manager

Congratulations! You got the promotion!

All the long hours and hard work have paid off.

You got the promotion you’ve been waiting for.
(Or you’re about to get it, hoping to get it, waiting (im)patiently to get it)
ou’re a manager, a supervisor, a boss…
a leader.

A leader? Really? Yikes! Now what?!

This juuuust might be a bigger leap than you anticipated.

You have … questions

You’re wondering …

  • How do I manage people I used to go out with for happy hour?
  • Will they even like me now that I’m their supervisor?
  • How do I get them to respect me as their manager?
  • How do I get the work done when I’m not doing it myself any more?
  • What do I need to do, know, say, be, in order to impress my boss?

And you’ve noticed there’s no one you can talk to …

  • You certainly can’t go to your boss – after all, they just promoted you; you don’t want them to reconsider that decision!
  • Your former peers are off limits now that you’re their manager.
  • You definitely don’t want your new management peers to know how uncertain you feel.
  • And your family and friends are happy and excited for you, of course, but they don’t get how you’re feeling.

The skills you learned and honed over the years as an individual contributor are not the skills you need to be successful as a manager, supervisor, and – yes – leader.

Let’s talk about what you need to know to be
successful and happy in your new role!

Let’s talk about what you need to make this transition successfully
and with the least stress and overwhelm possible.

Because you don’t want to be one of the almost two-thirds of managers who fail…
and that’s what I’m here to help prevent.

Schedule your personal leadership profile

Let’s talk about your journey into management

$25 for a 30-minute focused exploration

First we’ll discover…  
the biggest challenges facing you right now

And then we’ll explore…
what success as a manager, supervisor, and leader looks and feels like – for YOU

And we’ll wrap with…
a 30-60-90 day action plan for how YOU can overcome those challenges and become the leader you want to be (maybe even the leader you wish you’d had in your career)!

I want this!

Hi. I’m Grace Judson, and I’m a leadership geek…

… and after 25-plus years in the corporate world, starting as a lowly junior programmer and rising to spend 16 years in executive leadership, I decided it was time – time to do something about the sad lack of support for newly-promoted managers and emerging leaders.

I’m on a mission to make corporate life more fun. Not just livable; not just bearable: fun. Work shouldn’t suck. The corporate life shouldn’t be a rat race.

And sixty percent of new managers shouldn’t fail.

Join me – and let’s start a movement!

I’m ready for my Personal Leadership Profile!