Celtic knotwork symbolizing the interconnection of heart and logicEmpowered Leadership: an 8-week breakthrough program to supercharge your career

You’ve been promoted! You’re the boss now! Congratulations!

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Silhouettes of business leaders standing on colorful puzzle piecesCorporate services

If you’re a leader of managers and supervisors who aren’t quite making it – this is for you.

Too many first-line, newly-promoted managers and supervisors struggle and even fail. It’s an expensive, unnecessary tragedy that can easily be prevented with the right training and support.

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Small business services

Living in a fairly rural area, and belonging to a Chamber of Commerce filled with small and medium-sized businesses, I’m delighted to be able to offer support that specifically addresses their unique problems.

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Cartoon tomato with a mean face

Managing your Inner Critic: how to stop the rotten-tomato fight in your head

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Angel Sullivan - photo
Grace is truly gifted in being able to see and point out the things that may be a bit more challenging for someone in their own ‘stuff’, but not only that – she’s able to then articulate what she can see in a way that is easy to take in and understand. Our work together has been a real blessing in my own life (personal and professional).

~ Angel Sullivan, Dunedin, Florida

Private Coaching

I offer private leadership coaching on an hourly basis for a limited number of clients. The first step is to schedule your Personal Leadership Profile.

We’ll dig into:

  • why you might be feeling at least a little lost and overwhelmed
  • what success really means for YOU (instead of what you’ve internalized from society, family, friends…)
  • what you most want to be known for as a manager, supervisor, boss, and leader
  • how to be 100% intentional about your career journey
  • a 30-60-90 day plan for moving closer to success
  • and decide if working together would be a good thing for you

This is a 30-minute (at least) session; the cost is $25.

Let’s talk about your leadership journey