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Small Business Services

There’s a BIG difference between the corporate world that I grew up in, and a small or even medium-sized business.

So you might be wondering if I’m really the right person to help you.

You know what? Maybe I’m not!

But then again, maybe I am.

Small-business leadership is a tough and often lonely job. Many people who feel the call to start a business get frustrated and stuck in a never-ending race to get everything done.

And frankly, that’s because they don’t have – or want! – experience in corporate life that would have taught them about process, systems, and procedures – which are not fancy words for rules and straitjackets!

I’ve never worked with anybody in the way that I’ve worked with you in terms of trusting in your abilities to the level that I have. Most of my work has been in isolation, and even when I worked with people I was trying to control the situation, because I didn’t necessarily know what they could do. But with you I have a level of trust I didn’t have working with other people.
~ Catherine Hajnal, PhD, Life Fundamentals Education & Coaching, Vancouver, Canada

Small business has unique challenges

I’ve helped clients hire rock-star employees – even though they were convinced they could never find good people in their industry and location.

I’ve taught them how to train and develop those employees in the shortest time possible, with the fewest mistakes and false starts.

I’ve helped them manage partner exit negotiations, dishonest employees, temperamental contractors, and unhappy customers.

We’ve designed and implemented procedures that saved time while allowing greater flexibility and even regular time off – without worrying about what’s going on in their absence.

I offer:

Individualized and affordable support for

  • hiring, training, and developing your employees (so you can confidently trust them to do what you need them to do – and even start taking vacations again!)
  • unique-to-you-and-your-business support in strategy, process definition, succession planning, and, yes, exit planning – all the somewhat mysterious and perhaps nerve-wracking elements of growing a mature business that supports you (instead of you having to spend all your waking hours supporting it)
  • executive-level leadership and communication skills (so you’ll have confidence in your ability to manage anything that arises – and the pride that goes with it).

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No commitment required; just a chance for a conversation to see where things are for you and what’s got you frustrated and even stuck.

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