Change Leadership and the Emotions of Change

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a workshop presenting simple tools for effective leadership in a world of constant disruption

And what’s more disruptive right now than the COVID-19 pandemic?

Whether it’s personal, desired change, a planned corporate change initiative, or an externally-imposed change such as the global pandemic – change is hard.

Change evokes strong emotions, and change initiatives – or day-to-day life in a pandemic! – often fail or falter because those emotions are glossed over, ignored, or suppressed.

True change leadership requires more than a strategic direction and a tactical project plan.

It requires understanding the inevitable emotional impact of change – and knowing how to manage those emotions.

Not suppress, ignore, shame, or gaslight them. Manage them, in a helpful, productive, supportive way.

In this workshop, participants discover the science behind why we respond to change in the ways we do.

Then they learn simple tools to manage the emotional impact of change and ongoing stress, so they can keep themselves, their teams and organizations, and their careers moving forward.

Participants will:

  • Recognize the root causes of resistance to change (even wanted, welcome change!), so they can work with them instead of struggling against them.
  • Learn the brain science behind emotional reactivity, so they can stop guessing about what’s going on, and start responding effectively.
  • Discover how to manage the emotional impact of change, so they can manage the stress and move forward to achieve their goals.
  • Explore ways to use positive emotion to engage employees (and themselves) and create momentum.
  • Receive an email series following up to remind them of the tools and how to use them, and prompt them to practice and implement what they learned in real-world, real-life situations.

The program is ideal for mid-level and first-line managers and team leads. Clients have successfully incorporated it into their Emerging Leader programs.

I developed this workshop several years ago, and have delivered it to multiple intrigued audiences and happy clients. I had – of course! – no idea it would become so relevant in this Year of the Pandemic, and have updated the material to reflect today’s realities.

The following video is a brief introduction to the underlying principles of why resistance to change is so common – and even normal.

The workshop teaches tools for overcoming the resistance, working through each of these issues to create momentum and engagement.  (Note: at the end, the video references this workshop page; no need to click through or scan the QR code!)

The one-hour live program, delivered virtually from my fully-equipped office video studio, is $350.

Customization for your specific needs – or for a longer workshop – is additional.

Thinking it might be a fit? Let’s start the conversation.

Let’s start the conversation

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