It’s the Virtual Corporate Culture challenge!

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Have you been struggling with how to maintain your company’s energy, culture, and/or values during this endless pandemic?

Trying to stay on top of what your remote teams need to feel connected?

Craving more time to focus on what seems important (maintaining company culture) versus urgent (too many things to name)?

If that’s a “yes,” I made something for you.

It’s called the Virtual Corporate Culture Challenge.

And it’s just 15 minutes a day for three days (and yes, you CAN make progress in that short a time). Online. Participate from anywhere.

The original three-day challenge is over – but you can still benefit from the program!

And it’s really, truly free – a gift from me to you – which means you don’t even need to “pay” me your email address. Simply follow the page link below.

Here’s how it works:

  • strongly suggest doing this over three days, rather than trying to squash it all into one. Even though it’s just a few minutes each morning, the questions will continue percolating in the back of your mind as you go through the rest of the day.
  • There’s a worksheet to walk you through each day’s process.
  • You’ll be able to ask questions and post your comments and results on the day’s page. Yes, I will continue coming back to answer questions and respond to comments, even though the official Challenge is over.
  • And for those who post, there will be prizes every day, including a Grand Prize at the end.  (The prizes were all awarded to those who participated in the original Challenge.)

By the end of the Challenge, you’ll feel confident that you really can – with the tools and knowledge you already have – help your employees maintain a sense of who and what the company is and what it stands for – and how they can participate in that culture and stay engaged, even from their home offices.

Wondering about the time commitment? To do the Challenge, all you need is 15 minutes per day for three days. I’ve designed it to be really simple and un-complicated. Beautiful results from very little time.

Also: PRIZES. I know, it’s kind of goofy. But there’s a prize – drawn at random from everyone who participates (i.e., posts a comment on the day’s Challenge task) – for each day.

Day One: a bundle of computer / smart-phone accessories. (Non-specific as to technology; no matter what phone or computer you have, you’ll find them useful.)

Day Two: two boxes of Peter Pauper Press’s gorgeous note cards, and a set of six colorful gel pens. (Not into colored pens? Me neither, actually. You can request plain black pens, if you prefer.)

Day Three: a bundle of three relevant business books, and yes, you’ll have to stick it out to Day Three to find out what they are. Your choice of Kindle or hardcopy.

Grand Prize: either a 45-minute one-on-one session with me to dig into your challenges relative to leadership, leadership training, and/or culture (no sales pitch included), or a seat in the 8-module self-study Empowered Leadership program.

Ready to go?

Click here for the Day One material!