Wrapping it up

Congratulations. You finished the challenge!Icon of three fish, two in a fishbowl, one leaping out

But … you’re not done.

Have the courage to go first: be a trailblazer for spreading the cultural qualities you’ve identified. Don’t give up. Take ownership. Take responsibility. Tell everyone. Get them to join you on the quest.

In today’s weird, ever-more-surreal world, we need supportive company cultures more than ever before. People are feeling isolated, lonely, disconnected, overwhelmed, and flat-out fearful.

If your company promotes a culture that helps them feel a little more connected, a little less alone, a little more spacious, a little more supported, a little more confident … then you’ve done a lot to move our world into a brighter future.

Go do it.

After you watch this final video and leave your comment, that is!

Want to download the audio? click here.

Wrapping up …

So, tell me: what was this Challenge like? Did it help? Was it productive? Were there surprises? Have you started your communication effort, and if so, what responses have you gotten so far?

I want to know – even if it wasn’t what you’d hoped for or expected. Leave a comment – and I promise I’ll reply.

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  1. This was very helpful and insightful. I really liked the use of thought-provoking questions each day that led to insight on how I see as my company’s culture, culture challenges and ways to continuously communicate and model those desired culture competencies. Thank you so much for sharing this challenge. And I’m excited to receive my notes and gel pens! 🙂

    1. Janine – thank YOU for your thoughtful comments throughout the Challenge.

      I hope you’ll come back to these materials to keep moving your company’s culture forward!

  2. Very insightful and thought provoking. I find it always challenging for me to take from theoretical to behavioral. That is my ongoing goal and this helped me again put in perspective. I plan to discuss with managers. Thank you for doing this. I always enjoy your thinking and challenges.

    1. Paula, I think you’re *far* from alone in that struggle to go from theoretical to behavioral. It’s one of the constant challenges of engaging in any kind of training or professional or personal development.

      It’s also why I work really hard to present *tools*, not just concepts, so that the application becomes at least somewhat easier! I can remember all too many times when I’ve attended a workshop or conference session and come back all fired up to apply what I learned, but then … hmmm…. !!

      Thank YOU for participating in each day’s prompts! Part of what makes this type of thing fun is the interaction from people playing along.

  3. Thank you for offering this 3-day challenge. It has opened my eyes and truly made me think about our clinic as a culture. I am anxious to share and also listen to ideas from our employees concerning this truly important subject. I think these discussions will reinforce not only our mission statement, but also why we are in the medical profession. Why we do what we do and what can we do better to truly make our clinic the best it can be.

    1. Terrific, Jeanie. That makes me happy. 🙂

      I’m going to be leaving these materials up and available (just without the prizes, of course!), so feel free to invite your colleagues to use them.

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