Change Leadership

the vital skill for getting people past resistance
and into motivation and engagement

How can you get your people on board with change?

You’ve realized that change management – the process of planning, aligning resources, setting the timeline – isn’t enough. Necessary, yes, but it doesn’t address the resistance that inevitably arises. You’re not sure why resistance comes up, but you’ve heard the rumblings of dissent, perhaps seen eye-rolling from discouraged and cynical employees facing constant upheaval.

Change leadership is the flip side of the coin – the second half of the change equation

Where change management handles the practical aspects of getting change to happen, change leadership addresses the people aspect of overcoming resistance, understanding motivation, and shifting what keeps employees and organizations stuck.

We can keep pretending that we can push through, insisting that people get on board.

Or we can engage with the skills and tools of change leadership, and invite people on board.

A disturbing number of change initiatives are never fully realized.
Or fail outright.
Let’s not have that happen in your company.

How I help


  • Change readiness assessment
  • End-to-end change initiative support
  • Coaching for managers, leaders, and executives


  • Custom training design, development, and delivery
  • Cohort-based, customized change leadership support
  • Off-the-shelf change leadership essentials


  • Conference keynotes, breakouts, and workshops
  • Off-stage one-on-one coaching consultations
  • Post-conference follow-up support always included


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Why me?

I’m a leadership geek with a side of MacGyver-like resourcefulness – and a recovered (!) corporate executive.

Years of executive leadership and employee mentoring through multiple change initiatives – some successful, some not – mean I know what it takes to create successful, sustainable change. And after years of research, practice, study, reading, and thinking … well, my perspectives on change leadership are different from most mainstream approaches – so they tend to get better results.

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