a prerequisite for profitable success

Leadership is the difference between vibrant, exciting, high-performing teams and … something else.

And there are real opportunities for mid-size companies to attract and retain top-notch employees who want something more from their employer.

But only if you have the right leadership focus.

People quit bosses, not jobs.
Let’s not have that happen in your company.

How I help


  • Leadership gap assessment
  • Emerging leaders program definition, development, and implementation
  • Culture evolution toward a humane, productive workplace
  • Coaching for managers, leaders, and executives


  • Custom training design, development, and delivery
  • Cohort-based, customized manager training and coaching
  • Off-the-shelf leadership fundamentals
  • Off-the-shelf change leadership essentials


  • Conference keynotes
  • Breakout sessions and workshops
  • Off-stage one-on-one coaching consultations
  • Post-conference follow-up support included


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Why me?

I’m a leadership geek with a side of MacGyver-like resourcefulness – and a recovered (!) corporate executive.

Years of executive leadership and employee mentoring mean I know what it takes to develop managers into real leaders. And after years of research, practice, study, reading, and thinking … well, my perspectives on leadership and leadership development are different from most mainstream approaches – so they tend to get better results.

And I’ve experienced how a humane, people-first culture, created and supported by good leaders, is the best path to engagement, profits, and growth.

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