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Are all your first-line managers performing splendidly?

A manager’s confidence and competence comes from understanding the basic tools of leadership and knowing how and when to apply them.

Competent, confident managers lead engaged, high-performing, hard-working, happy teams.

Those teams complete their projects and tasks on time, within budget, and at top-notch quality.

Even in times of turmoil and crisis.

This leads to lower turnover (and therefore lower hiring and training costs and effort), greater profitability, more creativity and innovation – and more fun. And when work is fun, everyone wins. Including the bottom line.

Are your first-line managers competent and confident enough to be splendidly successful?

I teach foundational leadership tools.

Not concepts. Not scripts. Not philosophy.

Tools. Tools for communication, delegation, strategic thinking, prioritization, conflict management, negotiation, change leadership – all the foundational skills that managers need to be successful.

Practical tools that people can take away and start using immediately.

Tools that are easy to use, easy and fun to practice, and therefore easy to incorporate into the workday.

Tools that are especially helpful in managing remote teams and helping employees deal with upheaval, crisis, and stress.

Concepts, scripts, and philosophy may be inspiring and even intriguing, but in the end, they’re head-scratchers when it comes to actual implementation and real-world situations.

Empowered Leadership was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I had just gained my first employee and the program helped me navigate some important first steps. I took so much from the communication module that helped me identify ways to communicate clearly, not only with my employee but with other “players in the game” that I had not even considered.

~ Mary Howze, Activities Director, Crescent Park Hotel, Arkansas

I’m a leadership geek … with a side of MacGyver-like resourcefulness

I help my clients grow their management and leadership capacity, creating robust bench strength and options for succession planning. Not incidentally, they save money and time, becoming more productive and more successful and enjoying the rewards of a more engaged employee population.

My clients’ first-line managers solve the challenges of developing confidence in their management and a sense of their personal leadership style. As they learn the key skills of communication, professional empathy, conflict transformation, and negotiation, they turn down the volume on the inner critic and step into the role their teams – and their organizations – need them to own.

I’ve studied communication since I was a toddler (no, seriously; read about it on my About page), management and leadership starting in college, business since my first corporate job, and negotiation, mediation, and conflict management since 2013. I’ve learned about neuroscience, the role of emotions in decision-making, and the power of professional empathy.

I’ve been a corporate officer, executive, and member of senior leadership teams for over 16 years, an independent consultant since 2005, and I’ve volunteered for and served on the Boards of several non-profits.

I bring all this knowledge and experience together to help you.

Grace blends her vast corporate knowledge and experience with her outside-the-box thinking, creating results that are immediately applicable while creating pathways for a new approach to whatever you are doing. I truly enjoy working with Grace, as she is not afraid to disagree nor is she afraid to laugh. Both are qualities I find refreshing and critical to any change process.

~ Shannon Thompson, Executive Director, Shakti Rising, San Diego CA

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