Tech consulting companies!

You have great project managers and expert implementation teams

But did you know that, even though you’re providing a technology solution, the client experiences this as a culture change?

When technology implementations get bogged down, it’s often because the end users are confused, anxious, and unsure about what the tech means for them, their role going forward, and even their job security.

The importance of this cannot be overstated

As a project manager and the director of a tech consulting department, I’ve witnessed the concern and anxiety of the client teams.

I’ve seen how projects struggle with scope creep, missed milestones, and blown budgets when the clients are unsure about what’s happening.

Your tech consulting teams are experts in the tech. And that’s a full-time-plus job.

But leaving the people aspect of the project to the client is a big risk.

Is it a risk you’re willing to take?

How I help

Specialized support for the people and cultural aspects of a technology implementation increases customer satisfaction, increases project success, increases customer loyalty – and decreases frustration, failure rates, and financial overruns.

I’ve been there, done that as a business analyst, software developer, consultant, project manager, and professional services department director.

I’ve also been there, done that as a change leadership expert, understanding the people side of change initiatives.

I can speak tech to your tech people, whilst guiding your client teams through the uncertainties of change.


  • Embedded with your tech team to support you in supporting the client
  • Direct-to-client consulting, engaging with the client team
  • Coaching for managers, leaders, and executives


  • Custom training design, development, and delivery
  • Cohort-based, customized change leadership support
  • Off-the-shelf change leadership essentials


  • Conference keynotes, breakouts, and workshops
  • Off-stage one-on-one coaching consultations
  • Post-conference follow-up support always included


Let’s talk about it.


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Why me?

Grace peeking through the gap in a very large geode slice.I’m a leadership geek with a side of MacGyver-like resourcefulness – and a recovered (!) corporate executive who grew up in tech as a business analyst and software developer, creating business intelligence systems that people said couldn’t be done. (Go ahead. Ask me about that!)

Years of executive leadership and employee mentoring through multiple change initiatives – some successful, some not – mean I know what it takes to create successful, sustainable change. And after years of research, practice, study, reading, and thinking … well, my perspectives on change leadership are different from most mainstream approaches – and they tend to get better results.

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