Change is inevitable
Resistance is not

All organizations experience change. Which means most, if not all, organizations also experience resistance to change.

And it’s not just your imagination: the rate of change really is increasing. Consulting firm Accenture recently released a report indicating that just in the last year alone (2023), the rate of change increased by 33%. 

The implications for change fatigue and burnout are huge.

Which is why every organization needs to understand how to lead through the upheaval and disruption – and why I believe that change leadership, the skills and tools I teach, is a true competitive advantage.

How I help

I offer specialized support for the people and cultural aspects of your change initiative, increasing success and decreasing frustration, failure rates, and timeline or financial overruns.

I’ve been there, done that as a business analyst, project manager, and professional services department director.

And I’ve been there, done that as a consultant and change leadership expert, helping clients understand the people side of change initiatives.

I can show your people how to manage the impact of change on themselves and their teams, helping them develop resilience to change and create both a better experience and better outcomes.

And I’ll do it with a sense of fun and playfulness. Because learning works best with a little humor – and if we’re not having fun, what’s the point?

So, yeah, if you want a buttoned-up “professional,” that’s not me. But if you want real impact and results, let’s talk.


  • Change leadership workshops
  • Custom training design, development, and delivery
  • Group facilitation for leaders and ERGs


  • Conference keynotes, breakouts, and workshops
  • Off-stage individual consultations
  • Post-conference follow-up support always included


  • Evaluation of your current change readiness and resilience
  • Leadership development and succession planning support
  • Coaching for managers, leaders, and executives


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Why me?

Grace peeking through the gap in a very large geode slice.I’m a leadership geek with a side of MacGyver-like resourcefulness – and a recovered (!) corporate executive who grew up in tech and finance as a business analyst and software developer, creating business intelligence systems that people said couldn’t be done. (Go ahead. Ask me about that!)

Years of executive leadership and employee mentoring through multiple change initiatives – some successful, some not – mean I know what it takes to create successful, sustainable change. And after years of research, practice, study, reading, and thinking … well, my perspectives on change leadership are different from most mainstream approaches – and they tend to get better results.

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