Grace Judson - Photo

Bringing ease into important conversations

There’s a conversation you need to have; something you need to say.

Maybe you’re managing a challenging employee, developing a high-performing team, in a crucial negotiation, or trying to resolve a gnarly conflict.

You want to get your ideas across or navigate office politics (without feeling icky). You’re yearning to heal a damaged relationship, or trying to motivate change in your organization – or in your life.

Leadership – of self or of others – is all about communication.

And communication is my thing

I help business owners, leaders, teams, and individuals with the challenges of communication.

My clients learn to present and negotiate for their ideas and desires, resolve conflict, create meaningful, collaborative relationships, build high-performing teams, and grow their businesses and careers. They heal wounded relationships and strengthen connections with the people important to them.

I’ve studied communication since I was a toddler (no, seriously; read about it on my About page), business since my first corporate job, and negotiation, mediation, and conflict management since 2013. I’ve learned about neuroscience, the role of emotions in decision-making, and the power of strategic and tactical empathy.

I’ve been a corporate officer, executive, and member of senior leadership teams for over 16 years, an independent consultant since 2005, and I’ve volunteered for and served on the Boards of several non-profits.

I bring all this knowledge and experience together to help you.

And I know that clean, clear, honest, empathetic conversations about real issues can create miracles.

Let’s talk. Click here to contact me, click here to read about my services, and click here to read more about me.