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Sixty percent of new leaders fail in the first year

That’s expensive. Insanely expensive… and deeply tragic.

Real dollars are lost. Real time is wasted. Valuable employees are burned out or quit.

But most leadership development is focused on mid- and upper-level leaders

Year after year, first-level leaders are allocated the lowest budget for leadership development of any other group.

Even though they have the most impact on an organization’s employees, often responsible for as many as a dozen direct reports … they get the least support. And that’s a big team for someone new to management, and a huge increase in responsibility from serving as an individual contributor.

This doesn’t make sense.

The highest impact for your leadership development budget is right there, where your newly-minted managers and supervisors can learn good leadership skills before acquiring bad habits – and before causing the skilled, experienced individuals on their teams to leave in frustration. (Gallup’s polls show, year after year, that most people leave managers, not jobs.)

Leadership is my thing

I help my corporate clients grow their leadership capacity, creating robust bench strength and options for succession planning. Not incidentally, they save money and time, becoming more productive and more successful and enjoying the rewards of a more engaged employee population.

I help my individual clients solve the challenges of developing leadership confidence and personal leadership style. As they learn the key leadership skills of communication, professional empathy, conflict transformation, and negotiation, they turn down the volume on the inner critic and step into the leadership role their teams – and their organizations – need them to own.

I’ve studied communication since I was a toddler (no, seriously; read about it on my About page), leadership starting in college, business since my first corporate job, and negotiation, mediation, and conflict management since 2013. I’ve learned about neuroscience, the role of emotions in decision-making, and the power of professional empathy.

I’ve been a corporate officer, executive, and member of senior leadership teams for over 16 years, an independent consultant since 2005, and I’ve volunteered for and served on the Boards of several non-profits.

I bring all this knowledge and experience together to help you.

Let’s talk. Click here to contact me, click here to read about my services, and click here to read more about me.