Useful Papers

These papers are extended discussions of common problems faced by leaders, teams, and individuals.

The papers are formatted for easy reading on your computer screen – and – yes – even on your mobile device. Presented in landscape layout instead of the typical portait orientation, they’re equally suited to printing (if you must!) since they use a sidebar-plus-main-content structure.


The Discipline of Reflective Review: 7 questions to improve your focus, increase your productivity, and achieve your goals

The discipline of reflective reviewThis paper answers the question Why don’t we feel more successful after all our hard work?

With seven questions plus five minutes each day, or 15 minutes on a Friday afternoon, you can change the trajectory of your career and your business.

It takes discipline, but it doesn’t take much time.

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“I’ve used the Reflective Review process for the last three weeks, and while it does take discipline to work through the questions, it has truly helped keep me grounded and much more objective and aware of myself inside my new job.”

~ Rochelle Nardelli, Account Consultant, New Jersey

Why HR Programs FailWhy HR Programs Fail

Diversity and sensitivity training. Sexual harassment classes. Workplace anti-bullying programs. Health and wellness.

In spite of all attempts to paint a rosier picture, the evidence continues to mount.

These programs don’t work.

This paper explains why.

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Why Change Initiatives FailWhy Change Initiatives Fail

We’ve all seen it – and perhaps been in the thick of it.

Executive leadership goes to great expense developing exciting plans for strategic change initiatives – culture change, reorganization, new systems and processes.

Six, eight, twelve months later, everyone’s looking around and wondering what just happened? Wasn’t something supposed to change?

Change initiatives fail more often than they succeed.

This paper explains why and offers a step-by-step process for making sure your next strategic change initiative is different. 

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