What clients say

Photograph of Julie Derry, a woman with dark glasses, short blond hair, a red scarf, and a big smile.Grace is unlike any speaker that I have heard before. She was excellent at connecting change management and leadership to what we do. There is something unique and highly effective about her style – it occurs as teaching, coaching, and mentoring, not preaching.
~ Julie Derry, Owner / Executive Director, CarePatrol of San Diego
Grace Judson’s presentation on “Change Leadership and the Emotions of Change” was a success at the OHIMA 2024 Annual Meeting & Trade Show, with 84% of attendees rating it a 7 or higher out of 10. Attendees found her insights on leadership invaluable, with one describing it as “very interesting and very helpful.” From a planner’s perspective, Grace was incredibly easy to work with, showcasing professionalism and a genuine passion for her subject matter. She seamlessly integrated her expertise into our event, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended.
~ Lauren Manson, RHIA, CAE, Senior Director, Ohio Health Information Management Association

Eric Klein - photoYou created an environment for us to think together and recognize what we want.

You listened carefully to our different perspectives, some overlapping, some complimentary, some differentiated. You were able to receive whatever deeper expressions needed to be there without getting lost in philosophy. And you were able to feed it all back, to reflect, integrate, and clarify, synthesize and remove emotionality, and show us how things I might have thought were in conflict were actually complementary.

It was like you had a mandala in your head. It wasn’t a pre-ordained template, but instead you were responding to what we were bringing up. So you filled it in according to what we had to say, and then you could point out what was missing and ask what’s the next step.

There was humor, a sense of lightness, a lot of practicality. There was ease. You didn’t ease off, you leaned in, but there was an ease and a consistency.

Devi and I are very comfortable as facilitators, but leadership is different. Leadership is owning and embodying the call, disturbing the dream, disturbing the space, being more provocative by declaring things. You helped me become more comfortable and more clear about my leadership role.
~ Eric Klein, executive coach, author, and meditation instructor, Wisdom Heart, Encinitas, California

Photograph of a woman with long dark hair, wearing a black shirt and a gray vest, with a big smile.Grace is professional, articulate, and has a great sense of humor. I have had the pleasure of going to her workshops and always walk away with something that significantly helps me as an entrepreneur. She integrates her vast knowledge and experience with practical applications to make ideas clear and usable. I try never to miss any workshop she facilitates.
~ Nancy Kay, licensed counselor & certified coach, Grace Counseling Service, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Pat Creighton - photoActing as the Chairperson for a local non-profit, one of my frustrations had been the monumental task of getting a bunch of volunteers and staff to develop and agree on a strategic plan to help us fulfill our vision. It was only with Grace’s coaching, clear direction and communication were we able to accomplish this. She was able to give us a fresh perspective using her years of expertise and insights having worked with a similar non-profit in the past. Without Grace, we couldn’t have gotten it done. With the foundation of communication and process, we now have a method and framework for building our tactical and strategic plans moving forward.
~ Pat Creighton, Founder and President, Transition Architects, Bentonville, Arkansas
Photo of Michele Love, Benchmark GroupGrace is not only a great speaker but does it with a sense of humor and ease. She presents information in an easy to understand format and is very well versed in the subject matter. We learned techniques to better communicate with one another and gained a new perspective on empathy for others. We only wish there had been more time for additional discussion! We will definitely have her back again.
~ Michele Love, Marketing & Talent Development Manager, Benchmark Group
There were a lot of changes that I was going through. Having the coaching helped me stay grounded through that transition and change. The only way anyone is going to change behavior is by identifying the problem, reviewing it with a coach, getting the feedback, working at it, looking at it again – it’s an ongoing process. It’s not a one-time thing. How else are you going to get this information? How else are you going to develop?
Paying for a coach is an investment in yourself and your development. You have to find the right one that resonates with you, understands you, and cares about you. My original reasons for working with Grace were related to corporate politics and improving communication. What I found was much more in-depth discussions on those topics and much more. It was all connected – keeping promises to yourself and others, thinking about what’s true for yourself and others, understanding when you’re telling yourself “stories” and what’s actually true.
~ Lauren Midgely, MBA, CFE, LM Consulting Group, Dallas, Texas
You proved yourself true to what I read on your website. One of the testimonials on your site talks about your ability to synthesize people’s feelings and put them into very succinct statements about how those feelings relate to what’s going on. I know a million times I would tell you how good you are, because I would be rambling, and sometimes I don’t think I even knew how I was feeling, and you would just really hone it down. You sensed where I was at, and you were very open to just going with the flow and assessing what the next direction was. So it was very powerful for me.
What I love about you the most is your frankness – it’s the kind of frankness that’s very constructive. Your honesty supersedes everything. That honesty is so huge, because it allows you to be flexible. You have a great balance, a reality-based way of approaching things. Practical and reality based – you’re down-to-earth. You’re a partner in change.
~ Cindy Oakey, Trend Analyst & Author, Atlanta, Georgia
Debbie Martin - photoGrace offers a unique perspective when it comes to navigating through the nonprofit world, especially in terms of board development and facilitating strategic planning.  She allows for the organization to become creative while keeping everyone on task.  The time she has spent working with the team at Havenwood has been valuable and I believe has helped us to take the vision of the organization to a place it has never gone before.  Grace helped us break through the glass ceiling that we (the organization) created.  I would recommend her services to organizations looking to push past barriers and who are willing to answer the tough questions.
~ Debbie Martin, Executive Director, Havenwood, Bentonville, Arkansas
Angel Sullivan - photoI wasn’t sure that I was going to get what I was after from this offer. I had no question about working with Grace, as I felt entirely comfortable there. I just wasn’t sure that this was the right offer for what I was after.

Not only was there no cause for concern, I sincerely feel that I got back so many times the amount I paid for this work in terms of value received. The work that Grace and I did has really (finally, after all the various things I’ve done over the years!) helped me get clarity and hone in on the bits that had been fuzzy for me for so long. In fact, before we ever even got to the call itself, I felt like I’d already gotten incredible value.

Grace is truly gifted in being able to see and point out the things that may be a bit more challenging for someone in their own ‘stuff’, but not only that – she’s able to then articulate what she can see in a way that is easy to take in and understand. Our work together has been a real blessing in my own life (personal and professional).
~ Angel Sullivan, Dunedin, Florida

You have an uncanny ability to see through what is being said and surface all the “unsaid” issues.  Then you quickly give candid feedback and have a tremendous toolbox to help me move forward through your expert guidance with the right tool.  The speed at which you understood my predicament and used great approaches to get me unstuck and moving forward was amazing.

I have worked with many facilitators/coaches/counselors relating to work and personal situations.  Your skills are exemplary and moved me faster than I ever expected.  I now have great tools for reframing my perception of a situation – and I’ve made an internal “flip” in my mind from inertia and sadness to optimism and momentum!
~ Jennifer Baker