So, why should you pay any attention to me?

I could give you the usual sort of backstory about how I grew up in tech, with twentysomething years working in tech and finance companies, sixteen of them in leadership. And how painful it was to see end users struggle to adapt to new systems, even though those systems were precisely what the business needed – and were designed to be as easy as possible to use.

All true. But, well, yawn.

Because there are a gazillion consultants out there who say pretty much the same thing. Not very inspiring, eh?

So – why me?

I have a unique perspective on the interaction of technology, people, and transitions because I have a different brain.

It starts with an in-built natural understanding of people, which I’ve honed over years of study and practice.

And I see patterns and think in systems (I did say “different brain”!), so I know how to adapt those systems to create ease and reduce stress.

I can “talk tech” with your tech team, and I’ve been called a Master Translator of tech-speak to business-speak and back again. That lifelong study of people and their motivations means I know how to support your end users through the challenges and uncertainties of change.

I’ve collaborated with skeptical executives, guiding them into willing participation in projects that yielded outstanding results. Hundreds of people, technical and non-technical alike, have benefited from my change leadership guidance.

It’s about people, not just technology

Transitioning from a re-insurance firm in New Jersey to a software developer and vendor in California further convinced me of the critical role end-users play in project success. Leading a professional services department provided valuable insights into what works during implementation – and what doesn’t.

Technical project managers excel in planning, task management, and resource allocation. But the human factor is often overlooked, and neither the tech project manager nor the end-user project owner are typically trained to address the potential people issues that arise.

That’s where I can help.

Don’t let people issues derail your tech implementation.

Blaming project managers or clients doesn’t solve the real challenges.

When you address the human element, you create a better experience for everyone involved – including your bottom line.

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I work with technology companies who want easier, smoother, better implementations at client sites

Project deployment is the final, glorious step of any engagement.

And it can run into unforeseen challenges that impact your bottom line.

Let’s fix that.

Education, training, certifications, memberships, affiliations …

For more on my professional background, please see my LinkedIn profile.

  • 25 years in the corporate world, including:
    • Director and senior-staff executive at EMC Document Sciences; led the Professional Services and Knowledge Management departments, marketing, selling, and managing six- and seven-figure client projects
    • Director and corporate officer at Munich Re America
    • External Knowledge Management consultant for Hewlett-Packard, coordinating global KM process initiatives
  • Graduate of the SCPI mediation program from the Center for Understanding in Conflict, New York and California
  • Foundations of Communities of Practice Graduate Seminar, CPSquare
  • Certified Print® Coach
  • Coaching Mastery™ Program, Coachville
  • Fully-certified Realization Process teacher (meditation, subtle self-work, and embodiment)
  • BA with Honors, Writing (Ancient History minor), Bard College, New York
  • Association for Talent Development, San Diego: past Board member; past Chapter President
  • Association for Talent Development, Northwest Arkansas: member and speaker
  • Past Instructor, University of Arkansas Global Campus, Rogers, Arkansas
  • Past Instructor, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Extension, Career & Life Stages Seminars; Mira Costa Community College Outreach Program
  • Author of The Five Deadly Shoulds of Office Politics (available on Amazon).
  • Clan Leslie Society International: lineal (direct descent) member.

Odd facts about me

  • 2002 Fastest Knitter in America; appeared on Good Morning America to compete for the World Title. (yes, really!) Lost by three stitches in three minutes. Sigh.
  • Certified cat person who once (unintentionally) had ten cats (yes, it was very furry).
  • Someone who routinely saves earthworms off rainy pavements. Turns out the best tool for picking up the squirmy, slimy little things is a golf tee. Who knew?