About Grace

Grace Judson

I never really thought of myself as a leader

But when I look back on my career and my life, it’s all there. When I look at the many things I’m interested in and have studied, it all comes together in this thing called leadership. And when I look at where I serve my clients best, there it is: leadership.

It all started when I was two.

When I was a toddler, I turned my parents’ faces toward each other.

I wanted them to see each other – and stop arguing.

That was the beginning of my lifelong quest to understand why people do what they do and say what they say. Since then, I’ve studied everything from neuroscience to meditation (which I sometimes mis-spell “mediation,” another area of study), and from linguistics to the techniques used by FBI hostage negotiators. I follow inspiring leaders in their books, on podcasts, and read their articles.

What does it take?

What does it take to build amazing teams, inspire employees, negotiate a business deal, or transform conflict into peaceful resolution?

I’ve worked with business founders to negotiate buy-out deals that surpassed their best hopes for resolution. I’ve helped leaders understand the challenges they have with their leadership, brought company co-founders out of conflict into alignment, and helped clients build the kinds of teams they dreamed of, but thought weren’t possible.

The work I do within businesses ripples out into my clients’ lives: I’ve been told that I’ve saved marriages and helped ease conflict between parents and adult children.

And I sometimes have to restrain myself from spontaneous happy-dancing as I watch my clients succeed!

I stand for …

Freeing people from the fear of authentic connection with others.

Speaking from the heart even when it’s scary as hell.

Risking the vulnerability of truly understanding other people’s experiences – and allowing them to understand ours.

Communicating honestly about what we want and need.

I have a vision of a world in which people talk about what matters.

Because they do, their businesses, careers, and lives flourish.

Their professional and personal relationships thrive.

They get what they want, with authenticy, integrity, and care.

And they make a difference in the world.

Contact me and we’ll schedule a time to talk about how I can help.

Education, training, certifications, memberships, affiliations …

For more on my professional background, please see my LinkedIn profile.

  • 25 years in the corporate world, including:
    • Director and senior-staff executive at EMC Document Sciences; led the Professional Services and Knowledge Management departments, marketing, selling, and managing six- and seven-figure client projects
    • Director and corporate officer at Munich Re America
    • External Knowledge Management consultant for Hewlett-Packard, coordinating global KM process initiatives
  • Student at the Center for Understanding in Conflict, New York and California
  • Foundations of Communities of Practice Graduate Seminar, CPSquare
  • Certified Print® Coach
  • Coaching Mastery™ Program, Coachville
  • Fully-certified Realization Process teacher (meditation, subtle self-work, and embodiment)
  • BA with Honors, Writing (Ancient History minor), Bard College, New York
  • Association for Talent Development, San Diego: past Board member; past Chapter President
  • Association for Talent Development, Northwest Arkansas: member and speaker
  • Instructor, University of Arkansas Global Campus, Rogers, Arkansas
  • Past Instructor, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Extension, Career & Life Stages Seminars; Mira Costa Community College Outreach Program
  • Author of The Five Deadly Shoulds of Office Politics (available on Amazon).
  • Clan Leslie Society International: lineal (direct descent) member.
  • 2002 Fastest Knitter in America; appeared on Good Morning America to compete for the World Title.