Resources (yes, they’re free, though some require your email address)

Leadership A to Z

One management and leadership skill per letter. One brief (under four minutes) video per skill. A great micro-learning for you as an individual, or for your team.

I do not recommend binge-watching! They’re small and thought-provoking; you need time to consider how you’re using each skill (or not!) in your work life.

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Employee replacement costs calculation

Do you know how much it really costs to replace an employee – especially (and expensively) a failing manager or supervisor?

After months of research, I created a replacement costs worksheet that you can download, with a pre-filled example and clear instructions to fill it out for your own situation. (Yes, it does ask for your email – a high price these days, and it’s worth it.)

Click here to access the employee replacement costs spreadsheet


The Leadership Communication Skills Assessment is a nine-question quiz whose results offer insights into how well you connect with the important people in your career and life.

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The Five Most Challenging Employee Types ~ and how to manage them

This e-booklet gives clear pointers and practical tools on managing some of the most difficult (and often destructive) types of employee. Your email address is all that’s required to download the booklet.

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Useful Papers

I’ve written several papers on the subject of personal and organizational change These are PDFs formatted to read easily on your computer screen, although of course you can print them out as well.

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Want something a bit more?

Schedule a Personal Leadership Profile session!

We’ll dig into:

  • why you might be feeling at least a little lost and overwhelmed
  • what success really means for YOU (instead of what you’ve internalized from society, family, friends…)
  • what you most want to be known for as a leader
  • how to be 100% intentional about your career path and leadership journey
  • a 30-60-90 day plan for moving closer to success

Okay, this one isn’t free: it’s a 30-minute (or more!) session, and the cost is $25.

Let’s talk about your leadership journey