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… for end-to-end professional development, including career planning and leadership development, that can – and will – create the conditions for excellence in your company.

I work with mid-sized businesses whose executives – you? – might believe this type of support is unavailable or unrealistic for them. But it IS available. And realistic.

Here’s how it works

We evaluate and assess your current situation

You can’t get to Paris if you don’t know whether you’re starting from London or New York. So we start by determining where things currently stand.

The evaluation process pokes into the corners of your current approach to professional development, career planning, and emerging-leaders programs, finding the gaps, discovering what’s already working, and illuminating potential improvements.

With our starting point clear, we select and define your objectives

What are the outcomes you want to experience? The definition process maps out the specifics for filling the gaps, enhancing what’s working, and creating a coherent, cohesive, end-to-end professional development process designed for your company’s strategic objectives.

Because every company is different, every situation is different, and one size definitely does not fit all.

And develop and implement the program

Training should never be a knee-jerk default answer. You need to complete the first two steps before you can know what sort of training is best, and where you need different types of support.

The 70-20-10 rule says that learning happens just 10% from classroom training, 20% from observation, and 70% from hands-on doing.

The program development process respects and leverages this approach, ensuring support all along the way – bearing in mind that “support” means a lot more than just “training.” Depending upon the identified needs and wants, the final program design may include group and / or individual coaching, in-house mentoring, small-bite learning, and other development options.

Outcomes and results

You’re likely to experience:

  • More engagement
  • Greater productivity
  • Improved retention
  • Strong leadership bench strength
  • Clear strategic alignment
  • Confident succession planning
  • Better candidates applying for open positions
  • A more humane, resilient, thriving culture

Happier employees ~~> happier customers ~~> happier bottom-line results

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I work primarily with mid-sized companies. My clients have included…