Do you have “imagination intelligence”?

Photo of a hand very gently holding a puffy white cloudWhat do you want to be different than it currently is?*

Can you imagine it?

Can you look at and experience what’s here now, and then imagine something different?

Do you have the courage to imagine something different?

Can you step outside the mindset of how it’s always been – and see something new?

Can you manipulate the future in your thoughts – in your imagination – and discover new possibilities?

Or are you stuck in the past? Mired in a victim mindset? Convinced you can’t DO that?

Imagination is a key leadership skill.

Envisioning a different future, different options, new possibilities, new ways of doing things – without this, you can’t plan, you can’t grow, you can’t advance. Personally or professionally.

How will you develop your imagination intelligence?

* This refers to things within your control. We would all like the pandemic to be “different than it is,” and there are certain things that we can control (you know what they are; I don’t need to repeat them), certain things we cannot control (likewise), and some things we have influence over (possibly family, friends, colleagues).

When working with imagination, we must remember those three spheres: what we can control, what we cannot control, and what we have influence over.

Imagination applied to anything we cannot control is at best daydreaming and fantasizing, and at worst victim-thinking and depression. Don’t go there. Be clear on this.