Five true joys of being a manager

Photo of a very happy man in a red sweater standing before a blue block wallI’ve spent the last month or two writing and video-ing about the problems, challenges, and hardships of managing and leading.

It was getting depressing.

So as an antidote, and in no particular order, here’s a list of five really fun, rewarding, and great things about being a manager.

1. You get to delegate

No, I’m not being sarcastic or snarky.

I’m serious.

Isn’t it time you stopped doing all the old familiar stuff, and started learning something new?

Plus, delegating means …

2. You get to help others grow

Everyone on your team has things they want (and need ) to learn. As a manager, supervisor, and leader, it’s up to you to assess where they are and bring the joy of learning and growing to each of them according to what they want and need. And helping people discover new ideas and develop new skills is a wonderful experience.

3. You get to make decisions

Instead of only and always being subject to the decisions of others, as a manager, supervisor, and leader, you get to start making at least some of the decisions yourself – decisions that create real results for your team and your organization.

4. You get to see a bigger picture

As an individual team member, you saw what was right in front of you and a little bit around you.

Now that you’re stepping into a bigger role, you also get a bigger, broader view of what your company is doing, where it’s going, and how it’s getting there. And that’s interesting, intriguing, and perhaps even inspiring. Especially when you notice that …

5. You get to have an impact

The first-line manager, supervisor, and leader has more impact and influence on the majority of any organization’s employees than anyone else.

Because of you, they feel inspired, motivated, and happy in their jobs. They go home in a good mood, ready to enjoy their families and friends. They wake up without dreading the day – and maybe even looking forward to it.

A little scary, a lot exciting

Having that much fun is a big responsibility.

Go for it!