Interview: Empathy in conversations

It’s a real honor to be invited back by podcast hosts; it means I did a good job, they enjoyed what I had to say, and they feel like it’s worth hearing more of what I had to say.

Beth Buelow, whose Introvert Entrepreneur podcast I appeared on (was heard on, I guess, is the more accurate term!) a while ago, has started a new endeavor and a new podcast. Taking her skills and talents as an expert communicator to new levels, she completed mediation training a few months ago and is now working as a mediator – and has created the podcast How Can I Say This?  (If there was ever a sign someone’s on the right path – can you believe that website URL was available? Yay!)

She invited me to join her in a discussion of what I call professional empathy: the use of empathy to facilitate conversations in the workplace as well as in other everyday situations.