Is that meeting an email in disguise?

You don’t need me to tell you that we’re all Zoomed out.Classic email graphic with envelope and @ sign

So I’ll make this short.

Are you defaulting to yet another meeting – yet another Zoom video call – without stopping to think if that’s what you really need?

Before sending out that invitation with the log-in link, I challenge you to ask:

  • Could this be an email?
  • Or a Slack exchange?
  • A quick phone call?
  • Or some other form of non-meeting communication?

What is it you really need to accomplish? And is a meeting really the best way to get there?

And if it is a meeting, how long does it really need to be? We default to hour-long meetings, but what if you made it 30 minutes? Might everyone be more focused, more present, more with it, and get more done in less time?

Things to think about… before you schedule another meeting. 

Oh – and while you’re at it – what about those meetings already on your calendar?

Leadership is small actions taken consciously over time – such as this questioning of the need for a meeting. Want to learn more? Let’s talk.