Look back before rushing forward (here’s why)

Photo of a group of people brainstorming with their laptops around a wooden table.I’m not a fan of the, “Oh, this was a gift! it wasn’t all bad!” noise I’m hearing from so many people right now.

The pandemic was not a gift.

Yes, it gave some of us a chance to reflect, regroup, reconsider how we want our lives to look and feel. Those were the privileged ones who kept their jobs and didn’t burn out trying to juggle remote work AND remote school, and who didn’t get sick or lose a loved one to the virus.

But many others didn’t have that privilege, and that’s important to remember.

And we’re all – even the privileged – more than a bit burned out and exhausted right now.

Still – things are getting better.

But let’s not rush forward too quickly.

As tempting as it may be to jump into “reopened” life – let’s pause a moment.

Let’s look back at what we did accomplish.

Leaders, take time with your teams to review the past 12 – 18 months and notice what went well. What did you do that you didn’t think you could do? What milestones did you reach, even amidst the chaos? What have you learned, about yourself and your organization? No idea or awareness is too small – it all has something important to reveal and to learn from.

It’s apparently human nature, for some weird and unfathomable reason, to overlook the good stuff in our headlong rush towards what’s next. And given that “what’s next” is a relief and release from the long, hard slog through the pandemic, well, that makes rushing forward even more tempting.

But there are meaningful accomplishments to celebrate, and important learnings to integrate and carry forward.

Take a moment before rushing into the post-pandemic future. Look back. Appreciate what you went through and what you - and your team - accomplished.Click To Tweet

It would be a real shame to overlook that in our haste to return to normal – or, more accurately, to step forward into a new normal.

It could be a much better normal – if we take the time to pause and look back before rushing forward.

Interested in doing this, but not sure how? Click here to download “The Discipline of Reflective Reveiw” – opens directly into the PDF. Intended as a daily or weekly practice, it’s extremely effective to use for any time span and at any time, including … now!

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