Sometimes it just doesn’t work

Image of heart-shaped chain being pulled apartYou thought and wrote about what you wanted to happen till your pen ran dry and your hand cramped up.

You practiced what you wanted to say till your voice got hoarse and your heart cracked open.

But sometimes it just doesn’t work.

My brother and I have been out of touch for a long time now. It wasn’t anything huge that created the divide; more of a drifting apart, misunderstandings, and differences of philosophy and opinion.

The other day – the day after his 50th birthday, to be precise – I sent him an email to say I’d be very open to re-establishing connection.

It didn’t work.

Sometimes it doesn’t work.

No matter how pure your intentions, no matter how heartfelt your words, no matter how deep your wish, no matter how expert your communication skills – sometimes it doesn’t work.

It takes two to create the miracle of transformation.