The power of Fuzzy Goals

Photo of letters on cubes, on a black background. Can be read as CHANCE or CHANGE.Whether personally or professionally, we’re creating change all the time.

Sometimes it’s on purpose. Sometimes it’s by default or by accident. Sometimes it’s because it’s been imposed upon us from outside of our control.

But it’s happening all the time.

There’s a lot (a lot!) we can do to get better at change, whether it’s a choice or it’s external.

One of the things we can do, in either case, is to be aware of the nefarious power of Fuzzy Goals.

Simply put, if your desired outcome (a.k.a. goal) isn’t crystal clear, and, yes, measurable in its clarity, your chances of success are significantly – dare I say, drastically – lower.

I’ll add that if your desired outcome is a long leap from where you are today, you also need crystal clear and measurable interim steps.

It’s a lot easier to get where you’re going if you know the landmarks along the way.

And if any of these are fuzzy – if your final desired outcome is fuzzy, if your interim steps aren’t clear – then you’re going to get off track and wander around and maybe never get to your destination.

Here’s an article I wrote a while ago about – of all things – slicing tomatoes that illustrates this point in simple terms.

And the point holds true whether you’re talking about tomato-slicing or significant strategic change.

Fuzzy goals have power – but it’s not positive power. It’s the power to derail your change (and create a sloppy mess of your tomatoes!).

And by the way! You might know exactly what your goal is. But does your team? Are you sure?

Here’s another article, where I discuss that buzzword communication. Links in that article track to more of my thoughts and concepts around this supremely important topic. Enjoy.

Wondering about how you can create clear goals around an external and even random event? Drop me a note through my contact form and we’ll set a time to talk!