Trust, Change, and Timing

Photograph of five arms extending over a table with computers and notebooks, doing a fist-bump in the center.“Trust is the mechanism that absorbs uncertainty.”

That quote – which I heard on David Lancefield’s excellent leadership podcast Lancefield on the Line, the episode in which he interviewed Dr. Marcus Collins – kinda blew my mind.

It expresses so much, so simply.

In fact, I’m seriously tempted to just stop this article right here (is it an article if there are fewer than 100 words?), and recommend that you go back and reread the statement.

“Trust is the mechanism that absorbs uncertainty.”

You can feel the truth of that.

The question is: how much trust does your team have in you and your leadership?

Because if you’re heading into – or in the middle of – a change initiative, there’s uncertainty.

And you can’t build trust on the fly – or after the fact.

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