What HAVE you done?

Small 3-D figure inserting green checkmarks into a three-box gridNo, seriously.

What have you done?

Usually at the end of the year, we look at what we want to do in the next year.

Go ahead. Feel free.

But first, consider what you’ve done THIS year.

I’ll guarantee it’s more than you think. Because we’re all very quick to put completed projects and successful endeavors behind us and hurry on to The Next Thing.

Don’t do it.

Stop. Look back through your calendar. Think about what happened. Think about the people, the conversations, the events, the things you did and the projects you completed.

And notice just how much it all was, and how meaningful at least some of it was.

Then … do it again, only for the whole decade.

Yep. A new decade is about to start, so take some time to look at what this decade that’s passing has given you, shown you, taught you.

Don’t be so quick to rush on to what’s next.

Take the time to feel good about what’s passed – and learn from it.

Maybe you’ll learn that you’re a badass, stronger and more creative than you thought. Or that your friends love you. Or that you’ve shifted some bad habits of thought, doing, and/or being. Or that you’ve created some new habits that support you. Or that you’ve traversed an important milestone – or several. Or that you’ve found joy in unexpected places (or, for that matter, exactly where you expected to find it!).

And that you’ve learned from your mistakes.

So, what have you done?

Enjoy it. Luxuriate in it. Dwell on it. Snuggle up with it.

And then – but only then – think about what next year, and the next decade, might bring.

For some structured help with this process, click here to download my Reflective Review worksheet. No cost, not even your email! Happy Holidays!