What’s it like to work for you?

Cartoon of male manager holding two face masks: smiling and frowningSeriously: what’s it like to work for you?

Have you ever thought about that question?

Have you ever considered how your team feels about coming to work under your supervision and guidance every day?

It’s human nature to remain in the rut of our own mindset: our thoughts, ideas, concerns, to-do lists, plans for the weekend, and wondering what our boss is thinking about us. And none of us can ever escape a self-centric perspective on life. It’s simply not possible to experience or even completely, 100%, understand someone else’s viewpoint.

But if we get stuck there, we can forget that the people around us are individuals with their own perspectives.

You know how the managers and leaders you’ve encountered in your career have impacted you. Some of them frustrated you, some of them inspired you; some of them made you so discouraged or even angry that you went home and grouched at your family, some of them challenged you so effectively that you went home excited and even joyful.

As a leader, you impact people. Your leadership style affects their lives.

You have the option of being intentional about your impact and effect.

Are you frustrating them, or inspiring them?

Are you discouraging them, or challenging them?

We all impact everyone we encounter, and that impact has a ripple effect.

How do you impact the people on your team?

How do you want to impact them?

What’s it like to work for you?

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