Where to now?

Grayscale photo of a rooster weathervaneWhat have you learned about managing and leading during the pandemic?

What will you do differently?

How will you support your mid-level managers going forward?

I could stop right there, because those three questions are hugely important as we move into what could be a whole new approach to work – a more humane, rational, and rewarding approach.

Even before the pandemic, thought leaders such as Simon Sinek, Eric Mosely, Bob Chapman, and others were making the case, with data to back it up, that humane, caring leadership has a direct positive effect on the bottom line. (Not to mention, of course, on people’s lives…)

Sadly, at least some of those thought leaders were also saying that, although they didn’t understand it, very few companies were actually acting on those realities. Corporate cultures continue to be toxic in so many ways. Employees continue to go home exhausted and depleted instead of energized and fulfilled by the work they did that day. Disengagement remains at an insanely high level.

What have you learned – if anything?

Have you recognized – that there is room for positive, exciting, rewarding change?

Have you noticed – that people who feel well-cared-for are more productive?

How will you do things differently?

This is such a tremendous opportunity for resetting how we lead and how we work. The past year has proven, beyond doubt, that we can make significant changes remarkably quickly, and that many of the things we thought were hard-and-fast rules about how to do things – were wrong.

I’ve been saying it for years: work should be more fun.

That doesn’t mean it’s all squishy and soft. No. Work can be challenging – and fun. Work can be demanding – and fun. Work can be important – and fun.

In fact, truly challenging, demanding, important work is fun.

What will you, individually and as part of your organization, do differently?

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