Who will you be?

Colorful profile outlines of heads in a circleIf you want to grow as a leader – whatever your role may be right now – you’ll have to change.

There is no growth without change. There’s simply no way to become different without – duh – becoming different.

That sounds like a Captain Obvious statement, for sure. But how many people do you know who struggle in vain to change something in their lives, whether professionally or personally, whether an external situation or an internal experience? The first few months of every year are littered with abandoned New Year’s resolutions, and we all know plenty of people who complain bitterly about what they wish was different, but never take action.

Who we are right now holds our current situation in place.

We have to be willing to shift our identity to someone different if we truly want to change, grow, become the leader we say we want to be.

Think of a change you want to make in your life. Any change. It might be a professional change, such as a step up in your strength and confidence as a leader. Or a personal change, such as taking a risk in a relationship in order to make it better.

Who do you have to become in order to make that change a reality?

Write it down. Be specific.

And then start being that person.