Why problems don’t go away

Why problems don't go awayWhy don’t problems go away?

One simple reason.

You don’t do anything.

You don’t take action.

You just complain about it.

“I can’t believe we’ve had that old lawn mower sitting in the garage all these years.”

“Why is that lawn mower is still sitting in the garage?”

“That lawn mower doesn’t work.”

“Ouch! I just tripped over that stupid lawn mower!”

(Insert your problem of choice for the broken-down lawn mower.)

I understand that some things are frustrating. And I get that some things can’t be changed. Other people, for instance.

But most things can be changed.

Including – guess what? – other people.

Because if you change your behavior with them, their behavior will change in response.

So stop complaining and take action.

Because that cycle of complaint is like poking a sore tooth. It hurts. It drains your energy. Energy that could be put to much more enjoyable, productive, and meaningful endeavors.

Take action. It’s so much more fun than complaining.

(photo credit: © iqoncept via canstockphoto.com)