Words matter

Recently, a friend mentioned that her partner had written her a note before heading off on a business trip.

“Please remember to water the baby peas.”

My friend told me she’d have no problem remembering – and, more importantly, doing – this.

If the note had read, “Please remember to water the garden,” it might not have ended well for the seedlings. The words “the garden” have much less meaning for my friend than “baby peas,” and her partner knows this.

Words matter

Call someone “slender,” and you’ve offered a compliment.

Call them “skinny,” and they might feel offended.

Paying attention to the words you use, and how you use them, is more important than most people believe.

If you want to get your point across; if you want to achieve your goals; if, bluntly, you want to get what you want – words matter. A lot.

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