Preventing a toxic culture

Last week, I wrote about managing toxic employees. But what about preventing toxic tendencies right from the start? Toxicity can develop in an environment where individual achievement is valued over team accomplishment. It’s important to acknowledge outstanding contribution at the individual level – and it’s equally important to avoid creating competition between individuals. The outdated and destructive practice of “forced ranking,” …

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Better? Worse? Different!

We’re a bit over a year into the pandemic. Some people are struggling. Some people are coasting. Some people have found silver linings – and some of them feel guilty about that. Some people are nostalgic for how things were. Interestingly enough, though, they’re a significant minority. Most people do not want to go back to How Things Were. The people …

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We need a new view of leadership

To succeed in today’s pandemic and (hopefully soon) post-pandemic environment, companies must address the human side of work and leadership. They must acknowledge the need for people to enjoy what they do, to have a sense that they’re accomplishing something worthwhile, and to feel that their leaders understand that work is part of life, not separate from it. They need …

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What IS leadership, anyway?

Leadership is not a title. It’s not limited to a specific role or job or work to be done. Leadership is a way of being. It’s how you are in the world, what you say and what you do, and whether those words and actions are aligned and congruent – and even if they’re not. You may be thinking you’re not …

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Interview: preparing front-line leaders

Delighted to dig into the questions of front-line leaders, how they often don’t get the support they need, and why that matters, with Jonathan Westover on the podcast Human Capital Innovations. The podcast comes in two versions – video on YouTube or audio-only on Enjoy! ShareShareTweet

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How are you identifying “hi-po” leaders?

What are you doing to make sure the right people are in your Emerging Leaders program? Assessing your current workforce allows you to evaluate who’s ready for advancement and training. But while the usual practice is to select the high-potential (a.k.a. “hi-po”) individuals, that’s not always the wisest option. It’s an acceptable starting point, but we need to remember that …

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What do you MEAN, you’re leaving?!

Your best employee just told you she needs to take an extended leave of absence. Maybe it’s a sick family member. Maybe she just got the chance of a lifetime to do something she’s always dreamed of. Maybe it’s something else. Whatever it is, she’s going to be gone for a while. And she’s giving you a choice: she can …

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Flexible Workplace: problems & solutions

Is your flexible, casual workplace becoming too informal or disrespectful? It’s the law of unintended consequences at work, creating situations where employees are disrespectful, missing deadlines, and disrespecting each other’s time and energy. As a manager or supervisor, what can you do? How can you manage this situation, especially if your company emphasizes a flexible, casual culture? In this video, …

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Five first-time manager mistakes

Watch as I review the five most-common mistakes new managers make (including one you probably haven’t even thought of), and give you some tips and resources on how to AVOID making them. As a new manager or new supervisor, you’re wondering how to manage – and how NOT to manage! What mistakes should you be on the alert for avoiding? …

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Five true joys of being a manager

I’ve spent the last month or two writing and video-ing about the problems, challenges, and hardships of managing and leading. It was getting depressing. So as an antidote, and in no particular order, here’s a list of five really fun, rewarding, and great things about being a manager. 1. You get to delegate No, I’m not being sarcastic or snarky. I’m serious. …

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