Interview: preparing front-line leaders

Delighted to dig into the questions of front-line leaders, how they often don’t get the support they need, and why that matters, with Jonathan Westover on the podcast Human Capital Innovations. The podcast comes in two versions – video on YouTube or audio-only on Enjoy! ShareShareTweet

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Interview: Uplevel your leadership skills

As a feminist from my youth, I was delighted to be invited to the Petite2Queen podcast to talk about leadership, imposter syndrome, the importance of recognizing the impact that you, as a leader, have on your team, why you should make sure you own your leadership journey – and important questions about women and leadership. At 25 minutes, I’m amazed how …

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Interview: Leadership Communication

I’ve known and respected Catherine Mowbray-Lorenz for years, so I was delighted when she invited me to join her on the BlogTalkRadio show Women Lead. We talked about how leaders, especially newly-promoted women leaders, can communicate better, and what it means to be a manager, leader, and supervisor in today’s challenging environment. Thirty minutes of fun and information – enjoy! …

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Interview: Asking for Money!

Whenever I have a chance to talk with Beth Buelow, one of my favorite podcast hosts as well as one of my all-round favorite people, I’m tempted to learn how to turn cartwheels just so I can express my excitement more completely. (No, clearly I was never a cheerleader…!) So yes, I was absolutely delighted to return to her show …

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Interview: inspiring new leaders

When I heard Terry Lipovski’s Inspiring Leaders podcast interviews, I was, well, inspired! And in a testimonial to the power of LinkedIn for making real connections, I was delighted to see that Terry was one connection away from me, through another wonderful podcast interviewer, Beth Buelow (with whom I’ve now had the pleasure of two conversations). She introduced us, we had a …

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Interview: Empathy in conversations

It’s a real honor to be invited back by podcast hosts; it means I did a good job, they enjoyed what I had to say, and they feel like it’s worth hearing more of what I had to say. Beth Buelow, whose Introvert Entrepreneur podcast I appeared on (was heard on, I guess, is the more accurate term!) a while ago, …

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Interview: Conflict Transformation

Beth Buelow’s Introvert Entrepreneur podcast is a gem for anyone in business and, of course, especially for introverts. She interviewed me on questions of conflict transformation, the need for empathy in conflict, and what empathy (and conflict) really mean. It was a blast, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! ShareShareTweet

gljudson Podcast interviews