Helping First-Line Managers with Stress

Your first-line managers are an incredibly valuable – and vulnerable – asset. They have the most direct impact on your individual employees, and therefore on productivity, engagement, and results. And right now they’re squashed between their own stress, their team’s stress, and their boss’s stress. What are you doing to help them not burn out? In this video, I offer …

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Humor in the workplace

Have you ever had a joke or April Fool’s prank go really wrong? It’s hard to know what people find funny, and it’s all too easy to go very wrong with humor at work. Here are some alternatives to pranks and other ways to celebrate April Fool’s at work – including, if you stick through to the end, an out-of-the-box …

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Is empathy important for leadership? (Hint: YES!)

Empathy isn’t just for close friends and family members going through hard times. Empathy is also for our teams, co-workers, and leaders. It’s a crucial leadership skill. Watch the video to learn about the three levels of empathy and why understanding someone doesn’t mean you agree with them! ShareShareTweet

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Can you learn empathy?

Some of the foremost leaders in business and science believe in the importance of empathy in the workplace – and in the world. “People will try to convince you that you should keep empathy out of your career.  Don’t accept this false premise.” ~ Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Inc. “The reason why I use the word ‘empathy’ is because …

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For or about? It matters.

We say we care about someone. Sometimes we care for someone. There’s a difference, and it matters. When we care about someone, they’re a person for whom we have a certain regard. We probably like them, respect them, appreciate them, admire them, maybe even love them. But we might not actually know them. We can care about a charismatic leader. We can care about someone …

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A simple, fun empathy experiment

What does it mean to be empathetic? If it doesn’t come naturally for you – and according to psychological studies, it’s not natural for about 80% of the population – then the task of becoming more empathetic seems daunting at best, and impossible at worst. At least, that’s what some of my clients have said. Then I give them empathy-training …

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The three levels of empathy

Any chocolate lover will tell you there’s no such thing as just chocolate – even dark chocolate comes in multiple levels of intensity, never mind milk or white chocolate! Similarly, empathy isn’t just empathy; there are different levels and correspondingly different impacts. I’ve written elsewhere about my dislike of the phrase “I hear you.”  To summarize what I say there, I hear …

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What IS empathy, anyway?

Of all the emotional skills, empathy is possibly the hardest to define – and perhaps also the hardest to practice. Some people equate empathy with being overwhelmed by other people’s emotions. But the most sincerely empathetic people I know are also the most self-contained and clear on who they are, what they want, and where they hold their boundaries. Which …

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Empathy – now more than ever

(Note, and note well: empathy does not ever mean agreement. It merely means deep understanding – and with this depth of understanding, we have far greater capacity and power to create positive change.) I am stunned. The level of hatred and anger evident in Charlottesville on August 12th is inconceivable to me. And yet, I must conceive of it because it happened. The ripples …

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What do these four have in common?

Alan Alda. The FBI. Seth Godin. The ACLU. What do they have in common? Alan Alda is most known for his acting, especially on the long-running TV show M*A*S*H; he’s also an author, speaker, and teacher. The FBI’s Chris Voss was their lead international kidnapping negotiator; he’s now a negotiation consultant, teacher, and speaker. Seth Godin is a marketer, speaker, …

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