What do you celebrate?

Cartoon of a happy, dancing, laughing emoji with a background of confetti and champagne glasses.I don’t mean holidays.

I don’t mean your birthday (or someone else’s).

I don’t even mean milestones.

I mean the small steps on a project. The shifts in perspective about a change. The ways in which your team supports each other.

It’s way too easy to plow onward with the ever-growing to-do list, the endless projects, and, of course, the ever-increasing rate of change from all directions.

It’s way too easy to plow onward with all that, forgetting to take a breath, pause, and look at what’s already happened.

So for sure, celebrate your holidays, absolutely celebrate your birthday (and others’!), and cheer for the completed milestones.

But do more than that. Have mini-celebrations for making it through a week, getting a report written, finishing a code segment, clearing off your desk, whatever. You can find something to celebrate. And then get your team together and do it.

Small celebrations held often are one of the best and most meaningful ways to create a strong, resilient, happy team.

What will you celebrate today?

Resilience is a cultural asset, not just an individual quality, and it can be developed into a real competitive advantage. Curious? Drop me a note through my contact form and we’ll set a time to talk. This is much more than a “nice to have.”