Training Options

Custom change leadership programs

Training designed according to your strategic needs and desired outcomes, specific to your change initiatives.

Delivered in person, virtually, or pre-recorded.

And always with follow-up – because training without follow-up won’t get you where you want to be. Training is so much more than just what happens in the classroom or in front of a computer screen. That’s just the content. Important? Of course. But insufficient to create what you want your people – and your organization – to achieve.

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Photo of adult students listening intently

Change leadership team workshop

A change leadership program for implementation teams to work together on learning change leadership skills while also working through the change initiative itself.

The workshop content incorporates your specific change requirements into course material covering change leadership skills and tools to help your change leaders navigate the tricky people aspects of change along with their established project management practices.

Workshop duration depends on the scope of your change initiative, and can be delivered in a variety of formats.

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The Inner Leader

Detailed illustration of an old-style map with ragged, curled edges and with a brown-and-brass spyglass lying on one edge.We are all individuals. There’s no such thing as one “best” leadership style.

Discovering our own personal leadership style means understanding, at a very deep level, how to use the various leadership tools and skills in ways that work best for us and for our people.

In this workshop, students explore the aspects of themselves that make them who they are as leaders, discovering their personal inner compass to guide them in being – not to be too cheesy about it! – the leader they’re meant to be, fostering their success, their team’s growth, and their organization’s achievement.