Got misocainea?

New ideas are the lifeblood of business, creativity, learning, growth – of life itself.Cartoon of businessman reacting with fear at something on his computer screen

And yet so often we fight against them. We resist the threat of change that new ideas bring into our careers and our lives. 

Obvious case in point: how many companies proclaimed that they couldn’t have everyone working from home, it just wasn’t technically or operationally feasible.

And then came the pandemic, and guess what? The new idea – working from home – became a necessity instead of a “new idea.”

Misocainea: a hatred of new ideas. (With thanks to the Wordsmith’s Word a Day email.)

New word: 'misocainea' - a hatred of new ideas. Which gets in the way of change - and going back to some 'old normal' isn't the answer, either. Who's resisting new ideas???Click To Tweet

As we come into a new year, what new ideas have you been resisting?

Have you been yearning to go back to “normal”?

I confess I cannot wait to be able to go out to dinner again. So yeah, there are some “normal” things well worth going back to.

But definitely not the whole package.

So what new ideas could you look forward to, instead of resisting?

How can you introduce something new in your career? in your life? in your ways of leading and being a leader?

We need new ideas and new approaches to leadership, as I write here.

And in this new world of upheaval, we need to consider our place as leaders. What IS leadership, anyway?